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<1> Public Databases

<2> Computational Tools

Last updated: Aug. 10th, 2013


<1> Public Databases:

1. UCSC: a comprehensive database hosted by the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) offers access to genome sequence data and integrated annotations. optimized graphical viewer supports fast interactive. And web-based tool based on MySQL database helps and supports rapid visualization and querying of data at many levels.

2. miRBase: an archive of published miRNA sequences and annotations.

3. Rfam: a repository of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) families and other structured RNA elements.

4. piRNABank: a analysis system and resource of classified and clustered piRNAs in the widely studied mammals.

<2> Computational toos:

1. CPSS: a web server for comprehensively and systemically analyzing small RNA deep sequencing data.

2. mirTools: a web server for microRNA profiling and discovery through high-through sequencing data.

3. miRDeep2: a completely overhauled tool for identifying both known and novel microRNAs with deep sequencing data.

4. MIREAP: a tool for discovering both known and novel microRNAs from small RNA deep sequencing data by Solexa/454/Solid technology.

5. RNAfold: a tool for prediction RNA secondary structure through energy minimization.

6. LIBSVM: an integrated tool for support vector classification, regression and distribution estimation.